Times of Israel Launches New Chinese Edition

The Times of Israel announced its new Chinese edition at the end of May. Founding Editor David Horovitz started the Times of Israel Chinese after SIGNAL-organized trip to China. On this trip, SIGNAL introduced him to Xinhua News Agency international editors and arranged a meeting with Xinhua’s Head of Online News Publication. Though these meetings, Horovitz began to understand China’s interest in the news of Israel and the region.

timesofisraelwebSIGNAL also invited Horovitz to be keynote speaker at the Global Governance Conference, which was hosted by the China Center for Contemporary World Studies . Horovitz spoke about the history and development of Israel in the past 60 years and shared his insights on global governance. SIGNAL represents Israel at this conference each year. In 2012, SIGNAL brought Ambassador Oded Eran as keynote speaker, and SIGNAL founder Carice Witte spoke about the results of a 2012 Herzliya Conference simulation, which predicted terrorist activity in Saudi Arabia and a resultant spike in oil prices.

The Times of Israel Chinese will focus on the increasing business ties between the two countries, particularly in the high-tech industry. The Chinese have been enthusiastic consumers of Israeli technological innovations, and the Times is excited to report on how this relationships continues to grow. The news site will also include sections on Israeli culture and society so that Chinese readers have the opportunity to learn more about Israel.
President Peres praised the Times of Israel Chinese Edition as important to enhancing Israel-China relations, stating that the paper is “taking relations between the two civilizations into the digital age.”

Published: 19-07-2014