SIGNAL Perspectives

In late 2016, SIGNAL Perspectives began to publish research and geopolitical analyses from a Chinese perspective. Whereas most papers published by research centers and institutes in Israel present the issues from an American or European viewpoint, or discuss how current events affect Israel and the EU or USA, SIGNAL Perspectives looks at the same topics from a Chinese vantage point. As China has risen to become a global power, we saw a pressing need to ask how geopolitical developments and events impact China as well as Israel.

SIGNAL Perspectives, published in both English and Chinese, are written by SIGNAL researchers, fellows, and commissioned scholars, focusing on geopolitical issues which are relevant to China or China-Israel relations. The Perspectives series is a crucial new element of SIGNAL’s multidimensional approach to understanding regional and global developments pertaining to China and Israel.

Our most recent Perspective article, published in both English and Chinese, is Kevjn Lim’s Israel and China’s Silk Road. Kevjn Lim is an independent researcher, focusing on foreign and security policy in the wider Middle East. He has been based in the region for almost a decade and is currently completing his Ph.D. at Israel’s acclaimed Tel Aviv University. Mr. Lim’s Perspective piece provides an insightful approach to the aims and opportunities for cooperation within the Belt & Road Initiative. In the article, he details a number of areas where Israel could be a viable and important partner for China, as it develops the BRI into the Middle East and North Africa. Mr. Lim’s paper can be read in English here and in Chinese here.

Published: 03-04-2017