SIGNAL Fellow Gal Luft Speaks at Chinese University of Petroleum

Last month, SIGNAL fellow Dr. Gal Luft visited the China University of Petroleum to speak about energy security. At the SIGNAL-organized lecture, Luft spoke to fifty students and faculty from both the School of Foreign Languages and the Academy of Chinese Energy Strategy and to three energy-related newspapers. Luft is co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and founding member of the Institute for Renewable Energy Policy, the International Lithium Alliance, and Citizens for Energy Freedom. His talk was entitled “The new geopolitics of energy: Implications for Sino-American relations.”

Energy has become of increasing concern to China as its economy has continued to grow. The questions of energy security and finding alternative energy forms have long been important to Israel, and Gal Luft’s lecture at the China University of Petroleum marks a new step in furthering dialogue between the two countries on these important issues.

Published: 15-07-2014