SIGNAL-CMEAS Researchers publish on Cross-Straits relations as Model for Israel-Palestinian Cooperation in Israel Affairs Journal

An international team of researchers at SIGNAL’s Center for Middle East and African Studies (CMEAS) at the School of International Studies, Renmin University, have just published an article titled, “Can China–Taiwan ‘Cross-Straits’ relations serve as a model for Israeli–Palestinian cooperation? A Proposal”. The article appears in the 2016 issue of the Israel Affairs journal. The authors of the article are Cui Shoujun, associate professor of international relations at Renmin University and Director of the Center for Middle East and African Studies, Meron Medzini, SIGNAL senior fellow and professor of political science at Hebrew university and Joshua Teitelbaum, Associate Professor at Bar Ilan University (BIU) and senior research associate at Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Affairs at BIU.

The article examines the cooperation that has emerged in relations between China and Taiwan, despite the ongoing intractable conflict between the territories. Such reciprocal ties have been strengthened through a series of agreements on areas such as economic ties, tourism, trade and finance. While recognizing significant differences between the respective conflicts in the East Asia and the Middle East, the paper urges that similar heightened efforts to promote cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians could serve to arrive at a tolerable level of joint conflict management. Drawing on its conflict management experience, an active role for China in such an effort is also recommended, corresponding to the increasing presence of the rising global power in the Middle East.

CMEAS was founded jointly by SIGNAL and Renmin University in 2014 The aims of the Center are the furthering an understanding of the Middle East and Africa within China towards contributing to policy development and advancing collaboration between Chinese and international academic researchers with regional expertise. The paper on Cross-Straits relations will form the first in a series of academic papers supported by SIGNAL and produced by CMEAS on the contemporary dynamics in the Middle East.

Published: 11-12-2016