SIGNAL Academic Seminar

May, 2015

SIGNAL’s Executive Director, Carice Witte, and Director of the Glazer-Ben Gurion University (BGU) Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese students studying in Israel, Aryeh Tepper, recently completed a SIGNAL two week Academic Seminar where they delivered a series of lectures on Israel to students enrolled in SIGNAL Israel Studies Programs at universities across China. Professor Tepper and Ms. Witte lectured to over 1100 students, spanning 8 ISPs in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Henan, and Xi’an.

Prof. Tepper Lecturing

Prof. Tepper

Professor Tepper, who earned his doctorate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Department of Jewish Thought, delivered lectures on Israeli history, society and culture. The latter included a lecture entitled “Israeli Music and Israeli Identities”, addressing the connection of music styles to Israeli Identity. Some of Professor Tepper’s lectures were given in the context of the ISP annual Israel Research Paper Competition: a full semester research project supervised by faculty advisors, culminating in a ceremony honoring the winners of the competition.

Ms. Witte lectured on Sino-Israeli relations and the history of Jews in China beginning in 998CE when Jews from Babylon settled in the central region of Middle Kingdom. Her talk at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), that included a discussion of Israel’s potential contribution to the new land and maritime Silk Road program, launched BLCU’s lecture series on One Belt One Road.

About BLCU

Founded in 1962, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is a leading
university in the area of Chinese language and culture to foreigners, as well as
teaching foreign languages and cultures to Chinese students. BLCU is one of the
only universities in China with a majority of international students.

The university was established under the guidance of the National Ministry of Education and
Premier Zhou Enlai. In 2015, BLCU was the first university in China to establish a
Middle East School. The university has a strong Arab Studies department.
Its international focus contributes to BLCU’s active interest in cooperation
with academic institutes world-wide.

Published: 31-05-2015