Senior SIGNAL Fellow Prof. Meron Medzini Receives Japanese Decorations in Recognition of Research Contributions

On November 3, 2016, senior SIGNAL fellow, Professor Meron Medzini of Hebrew University was honored to receive the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays and Neck ribbon decorations from the Japanese government. The decoration was awarded in recognition of his contribution to the development of Japanese studies and the promotion of the understanding of Japan in Israel.

Upon receiving the award, the eminent academic expressed his honor and stated that he sees this as “a recognition by the government and people of Japan of the work those of us involved in teaching and researching about Japan have carried out over the years.” Professor Medzini also added, “I am very pleased that our modest contribution is being recognized in this manner.”

SIGNAL has had the privilege to cooperate with Professor Medzini on research projects integral to the organization’s work. Recently, Meron Medzini and SIGNAL Executive Director, Carice Witte co-published an article for the 2016 Blue Book on Israel published by China’s Social Science Academy Press. An academic article written by the Hebrew University professor, together with Joshua Teitelbaum of Bar Ilan University and Cui Shoujun of Renmin University examined the relevance of the China-Taiwan cross-straits relationship for the Israeli-Arab conflict. This paper was the outcome of a 2014 seminar held at Center for Middle East and African Studies (CMEAS) jointly founded by SIGNAL and Renmin University.

As a senior SIGNAL fellow, Professor Medizini has also delivered seminars to SIGNAL’s Israel Studies Programs in China. In September, the professor lectured in Yunnan University, Xi’an University and Henan University Israeli Security doctrine, Israel-America relations and Israel and the Belt & Road Initiative. Given the high caliber of his intellectual insights on Israel-East Asia relations and the excellence of his research output, the bestowal of this esteemed award is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the important contribution of Meron Medizini to advancing intra-continental mutual understanding.

Published: 25-12-2016