Second Chinese Lecture Tour of Avinoam Idan

As part of our Academic Seminar series and visiting lecturer program at SIGNAL’s Israel Studies Programs (ISP), Avinoam Idan participated in second lecture tour to universities across China. Over a period of more than three weeks, from September 24th-October 18th, lectures were delivered at seven universities in five cities. This is Dr. Idan’s second tour, having previously in November 2014 delivered lectures to Israel Studies Programs.

Dr. Avinoam Idan is a political geographer teaching at the Energy Studies Program of Haifa University and research fellow at John Hopkins University. Prior to serving as an academic, he work for many years in the Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office, including in the Israeli embassy in Moscow in the final years of the Soviet Union and was involved in establishing Israel’s diplomatic ties with the Caucasus and Central Asian region.

The first lectures of Dr. Idan were delivered at Shihezi University located in the city of Shihezi and the Xianjiang Academy of Social Sciences of Urumqi both in Xinjiang, the westernmost province of China. Following the Chinese National holiday, he delivered a lecture at Northwest University located in the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. Travelling to Beijing, Dr. Idan then delivered lectures in Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Renmin University.

The topics of Dr. Avinoam Idan’s lectures included an analysis of the challenges facing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), an Israeli perspective on BRI and whether we are facing a renewal of the Cold War. In his lectures, Idan provided a highly nuanced geographical analysis of the countries through which the BRI is to traverse. Offering in-depth examination of the issues entailed, with a particular focus on energy and transportation, he presented the perspicuous insights to students necessary to gain an adequate understanding of contemporary developments.

davGiven Dr. Idan’s high level of academic expertise combined with his many years of practical experience in politically significant roles, SIGNAL was honored to have had the opportunity to bring to Dr. Avinoam Idan as a visiting lecturer to the Israel Studies Programs in China. The visit of Dr. Idan is a continuation of our commitment to provide excellence in educational opportunity and academic resources on Israel to the ISPs as part of our mission to advance mutual understanding between Israel and China.

Published: 30-10-2016