Renmin University’s CMEAS hosts SIGNAL Delegate, former Deputy National Security Advisor, Eran Etzion to deliver lecture

The Center for Middle East and African Studies hosted Israel’s former Deputy National Security Advisor and former head of the Policy Planning Division of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give a talk on “The Potential Impact of the US Election Results on Middle East-China-Israel Relations” at Renmin University on 17th November, 2016.

A diplomat and strategist, Etzion was visiting China as a participant in SIGNAL’s expert delegation, conducting briefings and dialogues with the country think tanks and research institutes. The discussions focused on reflections regarding the recent political developments in the United States and their potential international implications. Formerly serving as the Head of Policy Planning at the Minister of Foreign Affair, Mr. Eran Etzion is director of the Forum for Strategic Dialogue and founder of the Israel Center for Strategic Futures (ICSF).

Mr. Etzion’s lecture examined the likely shifts in foreign policy to be seen under the Trump administration and the prospective changes in domestic policy of global impact. The lecture delivered by the Israeli expert was followed by questions from the attending students. Approximately thirty students attended the seminar. The lecture was also attended by SIGNAL Executive Director, Carice Witte and Dr. Cui Shoujun, Associate Professor of International Relations at Renmin University and Director of the Center for Middle East and African Studies (CMEAS) jointly founded by SIGNAL and the university. The lecture forms part of a series of seminars that SIGNAL regularly provides for Israel Studies Programs and associated universities across China.

Published: 20-12-2016