New Center for Middle East and African Studies (CMEAS) website launched

LogoThe Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies (CMEAS) based at the School of International Studies, Renmin University is launching a new website. The Center was jointly founded in 2014 by Renmin University and SIGNAL. The purpose of the Center is to advance an understanding of the Middle East within China. Activities will include promoting collaborative research between scholars from China and the Middle East and holding symposiums and conferences.

In November 2014, CMEAS held an inaugural roundtable seminar titled” The Geopolitical Transitions in the Middle East: The perspectives from China and Israel.” The aim of the Symposium was to explore the geopolitical changes in the Middle East and the developing relations between China and the region. Nearly 30 international experts, from more than 10 institutions participated in this seminar, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, the International Institute for Counter Terrorism, Ben Gurion University and Gatestone Foundation.

The first research project under the auspices of the Center was conducted in the summer of 2014 by Israeli scholars, Prof. Meron Medzini (Hebrew U) and Prof. Joshua Teitelbaum (Bar Ilan U and BESA scholar). While in Beijing they worked closely with their counterpart, SIS Assistant Dean, Cui Shoujun, Director of CMEAS, researching the relevance of the China-Taiwan Cross Straits Relations Model to the Israeli-Arab conflict. CMEAS is presently in the early stages on a second project on counter-terrorism led by Prof. Alex Bligh (Ariel University) and Prof. Eyal Lewin (Ariel University) in collaboration with Prof. Cui Shoujun (Renmin University).

A conference was held in March 2016, celebrating the book launch of The Real Story of Hezbollah by Karim Al-Wadi. The event was organized by the university and the publisher World Knowledge Press. There were approximately sixty people attending the event, including faculty from universities such as Ningxia University and Beijing Foreign Languages University, as well as researchers from CICIR and CASS.

Since the inauguration of the Belt and Road initiative in 2013 entailing large-scale Chinese investment in the Middle East as well as Central Asia, it has become more urgent for China to comprehend the dynamics of the region with which it has become steadily more involved. Drawing upon the intellectual resources from China and internationally, the Center has the potential to make a solid contribution to furthering the frontiers of knowledge towards shaping policies that could promote regional prosperity and stability.

The CMEAS website will present a summary of the Center and its activities, recent news, profiles of researchers, research from CMEAS and our researchers, relevant research from external institutions and forthcoming events.

Our newly launched website for the Center for Middle East and African Studies may be found at the following link:

Published: 10-10-2016