Nankai University – 10th to host SIGNAL ISP

SIGNAL is pleased to announce that on Nov. 10th, 2014, a cooperation agreement to establish an Israel Studies Program (ISP) was signed between SIGNAL and the Zhou Enlai School of Government at Nankai University in Tianjin. Nankai University is the 10th in China to host a SIGNAL ISP.

The program launched this November with a lecture by Dr. Harold Rhode, an Israel and Islamic culture expert, to undergraduate students at the Zhou Enlai School of Government. The school is headed by Li Zhaoxing and Wu Zhicheng and focuses on the fields of politics, sociology, ethnic studies, public administration and psychology.

In the early 1940’s Tianjin was the home of over 3500 Jews. After the founding of the State of Israel, most of the Tianjin Jews immigrated to Israel and the USA. The local synagogue was subsequently converted to an international wine center.

Published: 01-12-2014