Matti Friedman’s “Mizrahi Nation”

SIGNAL is pleased to announce the publication of Matti Friedman’s “Mizrahi Nation” in Chinese on SIGNAL’s online Israel Resource Center (IRC).

“Mizrahi Nation” addresses a common misconception about the cultural make up of Israel’s population. It is often wrongly understood that Israel’s Jews are mainly Europeans who were transplanted to the Arab world. The article explains that this misconception belies the diverse culture and actual history of Israel’s Jews. As Matti Friedman explains, today, 50% of the country’s Jewish population is comprised of Mizrahim, or “eastern” Jews—a term which encompasses the Jews of North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, Iran, and more. They are an inseparable part of Israeli culture, yet they’re place in the country is frequently overlooked by or completely unknown to the rest of the world. “Mizrahi Nation” exposes the history of these Mizrahi Jews, the circumstances of their immigration to Israel, and their part in shaping modern Israeli culture.

Matti Friedman is an Israeli Canadian author and journalist. He has written for the Jerusalem Report and Times of Israel, and is a former correspondent of the Associated Press (AP), specializing in religion and archaeology in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Mr. Friedman has won multiple awards for his book The Aleppo Codex: A True Story of Obsession, Faith and the Pursuit of an Ancient Bible. Following the 2014 Gaza conflict, Mr. Friedman also garnered attention for his essay on the international media bias against Israel, “An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth.”

Published: 17-02-2015