Grand Prize Announcement

SIGNAL is pleased to announce the winners of the Inaugural Grand Prize for the National Level of the Israel Studies Research Paper Competition 2016.

The winners are:

Mr. Yang Yulong, PhD Candidate of Northwest University (NWU) with the paper on “Analysing The Al-Farhud Event and the Extremization of Inter-Ethnic Relations between Arabs and Jews in Iraq” and

Ms. Fan Xinzhu, MA Candidate of Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) with the paper on “Israel’s Anti-Terrorism Mechanism.”

SIGNAL and the distinguished Grand Prize Review Committee wish to congratulate the winners, and commend their academic advisers and ISP staff on their success!

As the winners of the grand prize, Mr. Yang Yulong and Ms. Fan Xinzhu will travel to Israel on an all-expense paid study trip including airfare, local transportation, accommodation, and cover charge to various attractions across Israel. In addition to touring the country, the students will also be afforded the opportunity to engage with university faculty, other students, diplomats, and experts in a range of fields, all arranged by SIGNAL.

This year’s competition on the national level received submissions from students at five universities including, Henan University, Yunnan University, North West University (NWU), Shihezi University, and Sichuan International Studies University (SISU).

The winners were selected by SIGNAL’S distinguished committee of impartial judges from both China and Israel: Prof. Meron Medzini of Hebrew University, Prof. Avinoam Idan of Haifa University, Dr. Aryeh Tepper of Ben-Gurion University, Prof. Ilan Troen of Brandeis University, Dr. Zhang Lei of China Foreign Affair University (CFAU), Dr. Yang Yang and Prof. Niu Song of Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU).

As the papers this year were of high quality, the judges had a hard time making their final selection. Therefore, we wish to congratulate all the students who entered this year. These students will all receive a certificate commending their participation in the national level of the Israel Studies Research Paper competition 2016.

SIGNAL would like to express appreciation for the ongoing cooperation with all the universities that regularly hold Israel Research Paper Competitions. We thank you for your efforts which help ensure the continued success of the ISPs.

The research paper competition has well proven to successfully engage student interest and encourage an in-depth understanding of Israel and the region, thereby promoting mutual respect between Israel and China. The Grand Prize offers the opportunity for students who have demonstrated their research abilities and intellectual insight to have a first-hand encounter with Israel. It serves not only as a national acknowledgement of their accomplishments but also allows the students to have an empirical sense and appreciation of Israel, where they will experience the dynamic society, state, and culture of the Jewish nation.

Published: 29-03-2017