First Translation Competition at SISU

The first Translation Competition at a SIGNAL Israel Studies Program took place this year at Sichuan International Studies University (SISU). Competing to produce the most accurate translation of essays on Israel and the Middle East, students receive guidance from faculty advisors. SIGNAL commends SISU for initiating a competition that is training students in the subtleties needed for top quality translations. We are very pleased to share the 2015 winning translation of the inaugural event here.

transsisuCongratulations to first place winner, Wang Jiao 王姣), 2nd-year Master’s degree student in the English literature department at SISU.

The article translated for the competition is the statement of former British Infantry Colonel Richard Kempe, which he submitted to the UN Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict.

In his paper, Col. Kemp analyzes the actions of the Israel Defense Forces during the conflict and the alternative steps the IDF could have taken. Col. Kemp bases his conclusions on observations on the ground during the conflict, direct interaction with IDF soldiers involved in combat, and conversations with Israeli legal, military and political leaders. The author argues that the IDF actions during the operation of summer 2014 were dictated by the responsibility of the government to protect its population.

Col. Kemp highlights the importance of the laws of armed conflict and the principle of proportionality regarding the actions of the Israeli soldiers who were taking measures to minimize civilian casualties during the operation. In his work Col. Kemp, also emphasizes the likelihood of repetitive escalation of the conflict in the eventuality that the UN bodies do not condemn the actions of Hamas and other extremist and terrorist groups.
About SISU: Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) is the only foreign language university in Southwest China. It is ranked number four out of all the Chinese international studies universities. Among the languages taught at SISU are Arabic, as well as Korean, Japanese, Russian, and other European languages.

Due to its close relationship with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SISU is one of the few direct recruitment sources of the Ministry. In 2011, SISU became the first Chinese university to establish an Israel Studies Program (ISP) in conjunction with SIGNAL. In 2015, China’s Ministry of Education assigned SISU to be the fourth University in China to confer degrees in the Hebrew language. SISU established China’s first Israel Studies translation competition in 2015.

Published: 27-12-2015