Chinese edition of Dore Gold’s book ‘Fight for Jerusalem’ available to buy in China

SIGNAL Fellow, and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold’s book Fight for Jerusalem is now available for purchase in the Chinese language in mainland China. Chinese publishers first became interested in translating Dore’s book after SIGNAL organized a visit to Israel by the Central Party School of China in 2012. Last November, SIGNAL arranged for Dore Gold to visit Beijing, where he signed the contract with the publisher of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

jcpa jrslmbookThe book’s introduction is written by SIGNAL Fellow, Ma Xiaolin, and is one of the first books published in China addressing geopolitical issues from a Jewish or Israeli perspective. For those who have been following the current conflict, Fight for Jerusalem provides an interesting viewpoint on the history and politics of the city of Jerusalem. The Chinese edition of the book can be found on Amazon’s Chinese site here.

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Published: 05-08-2014