Academic Seminar at SIGNAL ISPs

In November, 2015, Israeli scholar and former diplomat Dr. Avinoam Idan lectured at the Israel Studies Programs (ISP) of Henan University, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU), and Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) this past November as part of SIGNAL’s Academic Seminar Program. Topics included the role of energy in the Middle East, energy-based economies, Israel’s perspective on the Arab Spring and regional implications of the Israeli gas discovery.


Dr. Idan is a political geographer, specializing in politics of the former Soviet Union with emphasis on Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Russia. He currently teaches at the School of Political Science and the Energy Studies Program at the University of Haifa. Dr. Idan is also a Senior Fellow with the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center in Washington DC. Prior to his academic career, he served for over thirty years in Israel’s Prime Minister’s office, including seven years as Minister Plenipotentiary at the Israeli Embassy in Moscow during the breakup of the Soviet Union. During this period, Dr. Idan was involved in the establishment of embassies and diplomatic relations between Israel and states of the Caucasus and Central Asia. In 2015, Dr. Idan accompanied SIGNAL to China’s Beijing Forum.

SIGNAL’s Academic Seminar Program brings Israeli scholars to China a few times a year to lecturer on Israel, its people and the region. The seminar series augments the students’ level of academic study at SIGNAL Israel Studies Program by providing experts who can enrich and broaden their exposure and understanding.

Published: 25-01-2015