China’s Israel Blue Book

In 2015, China’s scholar community included Israel into the Blue Book Series. The Blue Book is an annual Chinese language publication on domestic issues and country studies.  It serves as a reference for policy experts, scholars, Party and Government officials in China. The country studies provides a profile of states deemed important to China. The subjects addressed include economy, society, scientific and technological development and education.  There are Blue Books on a select group of countries including the USA, Germany, UK and France.

The Israel Blue Book was initiated and is edited by Professor Zhang Qianhong, author of China’s official History of Israel. Prof. Zhang is a member of the CPPCC (China People’s Congress), Vice President of Zhengzhou University (overseeing 66,000 students) and the Director of SIGNAL’s Israel Studies Program at Henan University. The Israel Blue Book is published by the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China’s premier research institution in the field of social sciences and a close affiliate of SIGNAL’s.

SIGNAL contributes to the publication, providing original source material to the Chinese authors.  SIGNAL is also responsible for engaging Israeli and Jewish scholars and professionals to write on specialized topics such as Israel-China relations, US-Israel relations, and the status of global Jewry. SIGNAL’s involvement is in line with its mission to bring an accurate understanding of Israel, its people, and the region to China’s current and future thought leaders.