What is the language of the Jews?

What is the language of the Jews? What other languages did the Jews use?

The original “language of the Jews” is Hebrew, a variant of ancient Canaanite script. It is the language in which most of the Jewish Bible (also known as the Old Testament) was originally written. Over time, the Jews adopted Aramaic, a dominant language in the Middle East at the time, which became the main language of the Talmud and some of the later books of the Jewish Bible. They also collected words from other languages, including Greek.

Over time, most Jews dispersed to countries throughout the world. Although some Jews just used the language of the place where they lived, most Jews developed “Jewish” languages which combined local languages with Hebrew and Aramaic terms. These Jewish “hybrid dialects” include Yiddish (Hebrew/Aramaic + German/Slavic languages), Ladino (Hebrew/Aramaic + Spanish) and Judeo-Arabic (Hebrew/Aramaic + Arabic).