Security topics on Israel and the Middle East

Since the first Jewish immigrants began returning to their rightful homeland, even before the declaration of an independent State of Israel, they have faced violent opposition from their Arab neighbors.

Israel is completely unique not merely as the world’s only Jewish state, but as the only democratic, non-Muslim country in the Middle East, whose population differs from its neighbors in culture and language. The Muslim states recognize that Israel’s government, economy, advancements and integration in the global community set it apart regionally, and this fuels their feelings of animosity towards Israel.

As such, the Jewish State draws on a number of cultural and historical values to ensure its survival. It continues to overcome numerous geographic, political and socio-economic asymmetrical disadvantages when compared to its Arab neighbors. Israel understands that it is alone when it comes to self-defense and cannot rely on external actors to assure its security. Thus, Israel has taken decisive measures to become independently responsible for its own survival. Israel does this by developing strong human capital, military and defense industries, and by building close relationships with global powers and the Jewish diaspora.

Author:Major General Yaacov Amidror
Published: 09-05-2017