Israel-China relations 2016 Blue Book

Israel-China relations represent a marriage of two ancient peoples with strong cultural identities, who have made a resurgence as leaders of modern global development. The two nations’ success stories are based on the principles of hard work and devotion to learning and education, and it is these similarities which serve as a foundation for the growing cooperation to thrive between the two.

2016 saw bilateral ties between China and Israel expand at an unprecedented rate on a number of different platforms. These include strengthened political and diplomatic dialogue, a growth in trade and investment, expansion of science and technology cooperation and numerous business and government delegations visiting each other’s country.

Academic cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two nations continue to expand and are key to developing a mutual cultural understanding, and strengthening the foundations for fruitful future relations.

Author:Carice Witte and Yehudah Sunshine
Published: 09-05-2017