Israel Studies Programs

Prior to 2011, there was not a single student in China taking a class on Israel Studies. SIGNAL set out to change this by creating the field of Israel Studies at the university level in China. To that end, SIGNAL established the first Israel Studies Program (ISP) in China in 2011. That same year, SIGNAL also launched a Faculty Training Program- an initiative designed to provide high-quality, teacher-training for the Chinese educators of our ISP’s.

The SIGNAL FTP fellowship provides a full semester of study in Israel. In 2013 SIGNAL launched our Academic Seminar program where Israeli professors give a lecture series on Israel Studies to each ISP university every semester. These lectures enrich the study experience in China and provide added expertise to the academic programs of the ISPs. Through the high-quality course offerings of the ISPs complimented by SIGNAL’s Academic Seminar series, research paper competitions, and events throughout the year that bring together ISP directors and faculty from around the country, SIGNAL is cultivating a greater understanding of Israel, its people, and the region.