Carice Witte


Ms. Carice Witte is SIGNAL’s founder and Executive Director. After immigrating to Israel from the USA in 1987, Ms. Witte pursued a 20-year entrepreneurial career in international real estate and Israeli high-tech including internet security and electronic cash working with leading European banks including National Westminster Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

A graduate of Yale University in East Asian Studies, focusing on China, Ms. Witte founded SIGNAL in 2011. Since then she has been instrumental in advancing China’s understanding of Israel through the establishment of Israel Studies in China’s universities, recognized in 2013 by China’s Ministry of Education. Ms Witte has authored policy papers for both China and Israel in the fields of trade, Sino-Israel relations, strategic communication and global Jewry. She has led over 350 briefings and dialogues between researchers and experts in China and Israel.

Ms. Witte, her husband and five children live in Israel.