Carice Witte


Ms. Carice Witte is SIGNAL’s founder and Executive Director. After immigrating to Israel from the USA in 1987, Ms. Witte pursued a 20-year entrepreneurial career in international real estate and Israeli high-tech including internet security and electronic cash working with leading European banks including National Westminster Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

A graduate of Yale University in East Asian Studies, focusing on China, Ms. Witte founded SIGNAL in 2011. Since then she has been instrumental in advancing China’s understanding of Israel through the establishment of Israel Studies in China’s universities, recognized in 2013 by China’s Ministry of Education. Ms Witte has authored policy papers for both China and Israel in the fields of trade, Sino-Israel relations, strategic communication and global Jewry. She has led over 350 briefings and dialogues between researchers and experts in China and Israel.

Ms. Witte, her husband and five children live in Israel.

Dana Ador

Program Director

Ms. Ador has been with SIGNAL nearly since its inception, having played a major role in every aspect of SIGNAL’s programming and serving as the key contact between SIGNAL colleagues in both China and Israel. Ms. Ador holds an International Executive MBA from Haifa University as well as a B.A. from Haifa University in Economics & East Asian Studies with a focus on China. Upon completing her B.A. studies, she received an honors scholarship and spent one year in China studying Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

Dale Aluf

Director of Research and Strategy

Dale Aluf is a psychologist, political researcher, and analyst. As SIGNAL’s director of research and strategy, Dale is responsible for conducting and supervising research projects on a wide range of topics related to Israel-China relations including Chinese foreign and domestic policy, China’s Middle East strategy, Xi Jinping thought and its implications for the Middle East, Israel’s foreign policy, the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel and the Belt & Road Initiative, and the influence of history and culture on national identity and foreign policy. Mr. Aluf draws on his background in psychology in his research and writing, particularly regarding bridging the cultural divide. Prior to joining SIGNAL Dale served for eight years in El-Al’s security division. He holds a BA in psychology and philosophy from the University of the Witwatersrand, an honors degree in psychology from the University of South Africa, and an MSc in applied psychology from the University of Liverpool. Mr. Aluf is a member of the British Psychological Society’s division of neuropsychology and the International Society of Political Psychology.

Ms. Guan Yuan (Helen)

ISP Coordinator in China

Ms. Guan Yuan graduated from China University of Petroleum with a MA in English Translation and Interpretation in 2013 and more than 9 years of international business and translation experience.
After serving as a SIGNAL intern in translation during 2012, Ms. Guan joined the SIGNAL team as a professional translator in September 2013. Ms. Guan was named ISP (Israel Studies Program) Coordinator in China in March 2014.

Ms. Guan visited Israel in 2013 on an academic exchange program at Ben Gurion University to expand her expertise on Israel.

Aryeh Tepper

SIGNAL Senior Research Fellow and ISP Academic Advisor

Aryeh Tepper is a Fellow at the Center for Israel Studies at Ben Gurion University, where he also teaches. He serves as the Director of Publications for the American Sephardi Federation for whom he edits a magazine, The Sephardi Report, as well as two newsletters, “Sephardi World Weekly” and “Sephardi Ideas Monthly.” From 2014-2017 he was the Academic Director of the Glazer-BGU Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese Students in Israel. His book, Progressive Minds, Conservative Politics: Leo Strauss’ Later Writings on Maimonides, was published by SUNY Press in 2013, and his articles and essays have been published in Hebrew and English in The Weekly Standard, The Tower Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, Commentary, Midnight East, The Jewish Review of Books, Forward, Nomos Journal, The Literary Review, Jewish Ideas Daily, The Madison Review, Akdamot and Makor Rishon.