Dr. Micha’el Tanchum

Senior Fellow

Dr. Micha’el Tanchum is a fellow in the Asia and Middle East Units in the Hebrew University’s Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. He earned his Doctorate at Harvard University and was a fellow in Harvard’s Institute for Strategic Studies and its Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Dr. Tanchum conducts research on issues related to China’s strategic affairs in Central Asia/the Middle East as well as Chinese maritime affairs in the Bay of Bengal and South China Sea. His articles have appeared in leading academic and policy journals, including Harvard Asia Quarterly. He is a regular contributor to the respected academic online journals East Asia Forum and the Central Asia -Caucasus Analyst as well as the online Asia current affairs magazine The Diplomat. Dr. Tanchum’s articles on geopolitical and strategic affairs have also appeared in The New York Times and, Foreign Affairs.