Dr. Li Wei

Dr. Li Wei (PhD) is a researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) of Northwest University, China. He is the Executive Editor for the Chinese Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (CJMES). Previously, he spent seven years in South Korea for graduate studies, under the supervision of Professor Kim Sunghan who served as the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs in Lee Myungbak’s government. Dr. Li participated in many professional and academic activities in areas of DPRK Nuclear Crisis and East Asia Security in his early career. In May 2014, he joined IMES and expanded his research field to MENA studies. He conducted two academic visits to Israel and published the book Israel and BRI: Role and Prospects (In Chinese) in spring 2018. He is also the Chair of China’s National Social Fund Project: Israel and BRI: Keys and Difficulties since 2018.

His area of expertise are: East Asia Security, North Korea Nuclear Issues, East Asia and Middle East Relations, China-Israel Relations, MENA Regional Security and Counter Terrorism.