Our Mission Statement

SIGNAL, Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership, (中 以 学术 交流促进协会) is an action-oriented institute enhancing China’s and Israel’s relationship through high level interchange. SIGNAL has established significant, long-term alliances between China and Israel that serve as the foundation for mutually beneficial and broad-based cooperation between the two nations.

Aims and Objectives

SIGNAL, Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership, was founded with the aim of focusing on the realm of academia to enhance China’s and Israel’s strategic, diplomatic, cultural and economic relations. Significant, long-term academic alliances between China and Israel will surely cement and promote mutually beneficial and broad-based cooperation between the two nations.

China’s importance on the global scene cannot be overemphasized. Israel excels in innovation and creative solutions. Thus far, the absence of an established platform for leading professors and academic analysts in Israel and China to exchange views and knowledge on the intellectual plane has undoubtedly limited the kind of concentrated, innovative thought and cooperation that can advance local and global stability. A well-conceived program that opens an ongoing academic dialogue between these two nations, which share so many historical, cultural and contemporary parallels, is therefore bound to engender tectonic, positive changes.

Both China and Israel realize they have much to gain by enhancing their academic relations. Scholars, leaders of academic institutions and experts from both nations have expressed great interest in developing closer academic ties through SIGNAL’s various programs, such as:

The Virtual Resource Center – the first Chinese-language source of both introductory and scholarly materials on Israel and its people.
The historic establishment of the first Israel Studies Program (ISP) at a Chinese university – Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing.
A series of China-Israel strategic studies seminars, conferences and workshops.
Scholar and student exchanges, promoting the pursuit of academic degrees in Israel by Chinese and in China by Israelis, facilitating relationships between Israeli and Chinese authors and publishers, and many more programs.