SIGNAL, Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership, (中 以 学术 交流促进协会) is a non-profit organization formed in 2011. Through research-based, action-oriented programming and projects, SIGNAL enhances China’s and Israel’s strategic, diplomatic, cultural and economic relationship by establishing significant, long-term scholarly alliances between the two nations. The academic framework serves as the foundation for mutually beneficial and broad-based cooperation.

SIGNAL is the only Jewish or Israeli organization with programs and projects across China and that is a member of China’s Silk Road Think Tank Association (SRTA). SRTA is under the auspices of the International Department of the Central Committee of China’s ruling Party.

SIGNAL’s programs include the Israel Resource Center – the first Chinese language source of introductory as well as scholarly materials on Israel and its people; the historic establishment of the first Israel Studies Programs (ISP) at Chinese universities, currently with eleven across the country; the creation of the SIGNAL Faculty Training Program (FTP) that hosts faculty from our ISPs at the Israel Studies International Program at Ben Gurion University to teach the teachers of Israel Studies in China; China-Israel Strategic Studies seminars, briefings, conferences and workshops in both China and Israel on issues relevant to both nations; the co-establishment of the Center for Middle East and Africa Studies (CMEAS) with the School of International Studies at Renmin University (of the top 5 Chinese universities); conducting joint China-Israel research papers; Publishing the SIGNAL Guide, SIGNAL Perspectives, the SIGNAL Note; promoting the pursuit of academic degrees in Israel by Chinese students, among others.