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Carice and MK Zeev Elkin
SIGNAL’s 2nd Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy

On Dec 26, 2017, SIGNAL, in cooperation with the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya and the Israel Council on Foreign Relations, held its 2nd annual conference on Israel’s China Policy. This year’s conference, “China on the World Stage – Strategic Implications for Israel,” provided a forum for discussing China’s “New Era” and the Middle Kingdom’s engagement in the turbulent Middle East.

The conference was divided into two sections, a closed, morning session that simulated conflict between the US and North Korea, and afternoon round-table styled discussions open to the general public, conducted for an overflow crowd. The 4-hour, morning simulation included over a dozen scholars and experts from Israeli and Chinese think tanks, former diplomats and retired military personnel who represented the USA, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Israel, Japan and South Korea. North Korea’s representation included former Mossad director Efraim Halevy and former Chinese representative to the 6 Party Talks, Mr. Yang Xiyu.



Increased Academic and Political Cooperation Between Israel & China

As we saw from the prior SIGNAL Note, it is well known that Israel’s water expertise can be of significant value to China and it is becoming understood that this water expertise can also contribute to bilateral and multilateral cooperation under the auspices of the Belt & Road initiative. It is also a known fact that China’s business ties with Israel grew significantly in 2015 and are continuing to strengthen. What may be less commonly known is the other, many areas where Israel and China have begun cooperating that can be of medium to long term value to the Belt & Road projects and programs.

Events in Israel that began in Jerusalem on March 29, 2016 give some insight into the breadth of cooperation opportunities now being pursued by the two countries. One main event was of academic orientation. SIGNAL was privileged to attend the signing celebration hosted by Israel’s Council on Higher Education and witness the slew of signing ceremonies. These agreements, signed between Israeli and Chinese academic institutions provide some insight into the fields of cooperation that are forming between the Middle Kingdom and the Jewish State. And many of them will serve as a valuable contribution to the success of the Belt & Road initiative.

Academic Collaborations