Carice and MK Zeev Elkin
SIGNAL Note 32



As China enters the field of automotive tech, the emerging Israeli smart mobility industry could provide vital technology and experience to further broaden Chinese innovation. Autonomous vehicles are currently being developed through partnerships between Chinese and Israeli tech companies. Self-driving cars entering the market promise to transform methods of transportation for the countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and improve urban life. Intelligent and connected vehicles shift the focus of the global transportation industry to wide-ranging international economic cooperation to promote connectivity, efficiency, environmental improvement, and quality of life.

The cultivation of smart mobility startups across Israel provides further potential collaborations that could continue to enhance Sino-Israeli relationships. Israeli cutting edge technology startups could help China reach its goal of creating a commercial market of intelligent, autonomous vehicles not only in China but in BRI nations. Israeli-Chinese partnerships in this sector furnish opportunities for the cyber-economy to be expanded. These partnerships can also help build competition in national monopoly sectors. Enhancing competition and expanding economic development in the cyber sphere are both goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

SIGNAL Celebrates 25 Years of China-Israel Diplomatic Relationships

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of China-Israel diplomatic ties, SIGNAL is launching a year of activities, events and programs. Building on our commitment to further academic ties and policy exchange, we will hold a series of seminars, conferences and release publications aimed at cultivating mutual understanding and cooperation among China and Israel.

In the present article, SIGNAL Fellow and Hebrew University Professor, Meron Medzini, presents an overview of the development of Sino-Israel relations. Despite the many challenges that have arisen and the differences between the countries, since Israel first successfully reached out diplomatically to the East Asian nation, China has shown an abiding interest in Israel, its people and economy. This has led to a flourishing relationship with intensifying levels of trade and investment, which has reached new heights with China’s Belt & Road Initiative for which Israel holds a position of strategic importance.

Academic Collaborations